Audio / Video

Audio / Video


In today’s world, technology advances quickly and it seems like new audio / video products and services are constantly changing. Let Lock and Tech USA take care of all of your audio / video needs. We design and install audio and video systems to fit any project size or budget. We offer top notch systems that will offer you a lifetime of reliability and affordability.

Home Theater Systems

Installation / Setup / Calibration

Home theater systems can bring the movie theater experience right into your home. Every home theater system is only as good as it’s set up. There are many components involved with setting up a home theater system professionally, from speaker placement to the type of wiring that is used. We know home theater systems and can optimize your system for you, ensuring a balanced sound and a top notch user experience for you, your family and your friends!

To experience the optimal satisfaction from your home theater system, you system should be professionally calibrated every time a component is moved or replaced. Not sure how to get it done? Let Lock and Tech USA take care of that for you. Speakers should be calibrated to fit acoustically with your home listening environment. Calibrating your speakers will dramatically improve the sound quality of your home theater system, enhance your movie viewing experience and provide you with the clearest, most vivid sound and picture possible.

Media Center Systems – setup and service

Home Media Center systems are becoming very popular in households in the US and around the world. As technology continues to advance and enhance our daily lives many families install media center based entertainment systems in their homes which allows streaming of digital media across multiple platforms around the home. The experience can be further enhanced with integration of various online tools and social media components.

Whether your system is PC or MAC based, our team can setup your media center system, tune your digital TV channels, integrate TV and WiFi system and show you how to unleash the enormous potential of your new media center system.


Free Consultation

Questions, Comments? We look forward to hearing from you. We provide free, no obligation on-site estimates and quick online quotes on most services.