Fire аlarm

Fire аlarm


An unexpected fire is one of the many things no one wants to experience, but as life has it, one can start at a moments notice and spread when you least expect it for various reasons. With Lock And Tech, our expert technicians and staff members are professionals that have the ability and credentials to form and provide the visual layout with planning production, submittals, installation, and final inspection. We here at Lock And Tech insure that all alarm systems are in compliance with local law codes as well as NFPA 72 requirements. An additional service we provide is 24-hour management and monitoring. You can rest assure that in the time of need we’ll be ready and willing to assist you with any issues if they arise.

As you may or may not know, As per NFPA 72 requirements, fire alarm systems are required to be tested on a monthly basis. Portable (battery) power sources and their connections to the system are suggested to be reviewed every 3 months. The max time frame limit for a thorough system diagnostic test is required to be conducted every 6 months despite various locations are required to be checked quarterly.

Type 1: Conventional Fire Alarm

Conventional fire alarm systems have a connection that is wired to the same cable which links them to a control panel. When their components activate the control panel’s display shows an indication. Typically, conventional fire alarm systems aren’t expensive and serve well in smaller facilities.

Type 2: Addressable Fire Alarm

Addressable fire alarm systems are the most modern type of fire alarm system. Its components have distinctive identifiers. In the event of the system’s initiation, it indicates the component’s address on the fire alarm panel. Addressable fire alarm systems serve larger facilities because their functions have the capability of rapidly indicating where the trouble signal initiated. This process is super efficient because it saves precious amounts of time by omitting the need to search for the component that produced the signal.

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