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Lock And Tech USA’s bandwidth stretches far beyond mere locksmith services. We are an all around security systems company poised for the future of security for both commercial and residential properties. Not only do we provision roll up gates, we also install all kinds of commercial rolling gates.

Rolling gates vary in style and also feature functions that are fire-rated for maximum security of commercial buildings and offices. Like the many other services we provide, we guarantee quality work in a timely fashion and take pride in our crafts. Our technicians are highly trained versed in the maintenance and repair of the products we sell across the board.

Despite each of these gates having a similar appearance in design, they each have very distinctive functions and serve different purposes

Solid Rolling Gates

Solid rolling gates serve as a reliable means of securing and preventing unwanted access from burglary and harsh climate and weather conditions. Theres no bit of hail, heavy snow accumulation or torrential rain downpour that can breach the strength of solid rolling gates. Comprising of sturdy steel, solid gates can be installed on exterior facades of commercial businesses of all kinds and also serve as a security measure by concealing items on interiors of a warehouse.

Garage Door Parking Lot Gates

Garage door parking lot grille gates have interlocking link components and are purposely designed to grant a vast viewing range. In addition to allowing open air ventilation they’re designed to secure large areas such as parking garages, shopping mall freight areas and big store fronts.

Perforated Grille Rolling Gates

Perforated rolling gates grant the ability to view what a space contains as well as allowing air flow all while preventing bad acts of vandalism or burglary. They serve well for street front retail spaces that don’t want to miss an opportunity to advertise and showcase their products during closed hours. Typical perforated gates have slated openings ranging about 3″ to 4″ inches in height which allow adequate air flow and ideal visibility. Functions of this type of gate range from motor power, chain pulling operation or by manually pushing/pulling.

Fire-Rated Gates

Fire rated gates are high grade state-of-the-art blockades that protect openings in walls and prevent the spreading of an unexpected fire. They’re engineered to automatically shut/ close during the instance of detecting a fire. Their fusible links melt at 74 degrees celsius which is a catalyst to then automatically indicate the shutters to instantaneously close. They’re designed to remain open under normal circumstances, but once fire is detected, the shutter automatically closes and prohibits fire from spreading to near field surroundings and beyond.

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