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Automotive locksmith services in New York City

One of our most popular departments is our Auto Locksmith services department which handles all inquiries related to car keys and security. It happens to all of us at one point or another, when we lock ourselves out of our own car. In these cases Lock and Tech USA are there to assist you in getting you back into your car safely and quickly. Our mobile locksmith units are equipped with the most recent auto locksmith tools and products and can help you get back into your car safely and with minimum damage to your car. We can also create, duplicate and program keys for most of today’s automobiles including high security and laser cut type keys. Our experienced local auto locksmith teams know the urgency of such situations and are committed to providing you with professional and efficient Auto locksmith services at the most affordable rates possible.

In recent years auto security systems have evolved tremendously and therefore now more than ever it is very important to contact a professional auto locksmith service whenever you are in need of such services to avoid major damage that can be caused by non experienced locksmith technicians who may offer you quick service but end up causing more damage to your car then you can afford.

For the safest, quickest, most reliable car locksmith services contact us for immediate service, 24 hours a day. We are standing by to assist you.

Car Key Repair

There are many different types of cars keys and just as many or more ways they can fail when you need them most. Whether it’s an electronics problem like a transponder that’s fizzled out, or a mechanical problem like a key that has broken off in the ignition or has become jammed, our mobile locksmiths have all the tools and expertise to diagnose and fix the problem as quickly as possible. Within 30 minutes of receiving your call, our technician will be on-site and on the job working to get you on the road. If you need car key repair services, look no further!

Car Key Replacement

Lost and stolen car keys are a big hassle and there’s no reason replacing them should be expensive too! Most people go to their dealer for a new set without realizing they could save time and money by going to a professional locksmith. Dealerships tend to charge a lot for replacement keys and keep your car onsite for a number of days before resolving the problem. Chicago Car Keys mobile locksmithing unit has all of the tools and materials needed to replace almost any car key. Call Lock and Tech USA immediately for fast, affordable car key replacement services.

Car Key Programming

Key fobs have come a long way and have evolved into sophisticated handheld electronics that can do everything from opening your doors to turning on your car’s AC before you even enter. However, the more sophisticated these devices become, the more likely they are to break down. If your key fob is malfunctioning or has stopped working altogether, don’t waste extra time and money going to the dealership, come to Lock and Tech USA! We will be able to offer you same day service at a fraction of the price that you would get at the dealership for car key reprogramming.

Car Key Extraction

Keys snapping off while they are in your car doors or ignition is one of the most annoying realities of car ownership. Sooner or later, it happens to us all. While it might be tempting to remove the broken key yourself, you risk causing further damage to your lock or ignition by doing this. Plus, your car is too expensive and necessary. It’s safer to let the professionals handle the delicate work of car key extraction. Lock and Tech USA has specially trained technicians who follow a quick and easy process in order to remove the broken key in the proper manner.

Car Door Unlocking

You coming out of the grocery store loaded with bags, struggling to find your car keys, only to realize you don’t have them. You run back to the checkout line, desperately hoping to see them on the checkout counter. You dig through your pockets over and over, knowing that you’ve surely just missed them the other three times you’ve checked. Panic mounting, you crawl around and under your car, hoping you’ve just dropped them somewhere. Your keys are gone and you’re locked out of your car. What next? Just call Chicago Car Keys now so we can unlock your car door.

Car Locksmith Services We Offer Include

  • Vehicle Lock Outs
  • Remote replacement for cars
  • Ignition Switch Issues
  • Repair of Car Door Locks
  • Duplicate Key Creation
  • Chip Key Replacements
  • Key Cutting
  • Ignition Key Replacements
  • Replacements of Key Fobs
  • Repair/Replacement of Trunk Locks
  • Programming of Transponder Keys
  • Laser Cutting
  • Extraction of Broken Keys
  • Emergency Situations
  • Vat Keys

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