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Our Residential Locksmith department offers comprehensive security solutions for your home. We understand the importance of keeping your home, loved ones and belongings safe and secure and offer complete locksmith services that are designed to do just that. From simple home locks to intricate home security systems we are here to ensure your safety 24 hours a day. Our residential locksmith technicians are licensed, bonded and insured and will arrive at your premises with a fully stocked mobile locksmith unit that can assist you in any residential security need. We work with residents, homeowners and building management companies and can install, replace or maintain any lock or security system you currently use to secure your home.

Our responsive team are ready to assist you at any time, day or night. Residential locksmith technicians can arrive at your location quickly, usually within minutes of you placing your service call and will take care of all your home security needs with great care and expertise.
When we arrive at each location we make sure to confirm each clients relation to the premises we will be working on, so be ready to provide documentation confirming your authority to approve services on the premises. Whether you are a homeowner, renter or building supervisor we can assist you with any home security relates issue in the most professional and cost effective way.

As we understand the unique situation and needs of each home we offer free, no obligation in-home estimates and consultations. Call Lock and Tech USA today and let us take care of all of your home security needs. We are standing by to assist you.

Home lockout assistant

House lockouts have to be the most common service we provide out of all of our lockout services.

Being locked out of your home can happen so easily in a split second that almost every call we get is for an emergency house lockout.

Here’s a typical scenario: You just went grocery shopping and you start to bring the bags inside of your house. When you return outside for more groceries, the door shuts behind you and you realize you’ve left your keys inside, but there’s no one around to let you in. You are locked out of your house and you start to panic. This is where we come in.

Our trusted locksmiths are readily available and equipped with spare parts to handle any house lockout situation. Our technicians have served 99.9% of all previous cases. It’s safe to say, there isn’t a job that we can’t do. Our locksmiths work quickly and efficiently to get you back inside of your home as soon as possible.

There is no need to stress and worry if you find yourself in a house lockout situation because we are only a phone call away. Enlist the help of a trained locksmith at Lockandtech today!

Smart lock installation

Smart Locks For Your Home

If you’ve ever left your home and wondered whether or not you remembered to lock the front door, worried about your kids losing your house keys at school, or wanted a way to give a contractor, friend, or family member access to your home while you’re away, smart locks could be a great option for you.

Here at Lockandtech, we provide professional smart lock installation for homeowners in NYC who want to enjoy the safety and convenience that comes with having keyless entry door locks. We can help you choose the right keyless locks for your home, or to provide you with emergency smart lock repair service.

Advantages of Keyless Locks

Lockandtech offer a number of advantages over traditional mechanical locks, which is why WiFi locks are continuing to grow in popularity.

Unlike locks that rely on a key to turn the locking cylinder, entry door locks that are controlled by either an app on your mobile device or a mechanical keypad allow you to enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you can control who can access your home without having to either rekey your locks or replace your locks.

You get to set the keypad code or password for the mobile smart lock access app, which means you don’t have to give out spare keys to the kids, the dog walker, or anyone else who needs access to your house.

Difference Between Push Button Locks and WiFi Locks

When you’re considering whether to replace your house locks with keyless entry door locks, it’s important to understand the differences between pushbutton locks and smart locks.

Push button locks use a battery-powered turning mechanism that is connected to the lock cylinder. When the correct pin code is typed into the keypad that is mounted to the outside of the door, the mechanism turns the lock to the open position, allowing access to your home. To lock the door again, simply hit the ‘lock’ key. These type of keyless locks are not considered to be “smart locks” because they cannot be controlled through your smartphone or another Internet-enabled device.

By comparison, smart locks, also known as WiFi locks, can be controlled using a mobile app, giving you a way to lock and unlock your house from anywhere in the world where you have WiFi or mobile data service. These types of keyless locks can be linked to whole-home systems that may include controls for your thermostat, security cameras, lighting, and small appliances, making smart lock installation a popular choice among homeowners who want access to the latest in home automation technologies.

Professional Smart Lock Installation & Smart Lock Repair Services

To learn more about keyless locks including both smart locks and push button locks, call us here at Keyway Lock & Security. Our licensed, certified and insured locksmiths provide fast smart lock repair and smart lock installation services you can count on.

Deadbolt lock installation

Have you recently experience a home invasion? Or maybe you desire to possess more secure doors within your premise? Make sure that you include a deadbolt on your doors.

Dead locks or deadbolts are type of locking mechanisms often installed in main doors for added security. A deadlock, whether it’s cylinder managed, is either single-cylinder or double cylinder. A particular type of dead bolt can be set up in accordance to the specific demands of a door or the home owner.

Dead bolt or dead locks are great at discouraging burglaries but won’r serve their purpose if installation process is not appropriate. This locking mechanism should be set up by an expert who has the right tools and know-how. You may be an easy learner when it comes to installing things but it still best to rely on the experts. Locksmith companies do not only send proper technician and offer quality dead bolts, they can install it for you in the most proper way.

So if you need to have quality deadbolt locks installed, make contact with us today. Installation of safer yet cheaper locks will be installed on your doors.

Rekening Services

Did you just move into a new home and you need your locks re-keyed? It’s always a good idea to have rekeying done when you move into a new home.

At The Professional Locksmith, we’re available 24/7 to take care of all your rekeying needs. Our New York locksmiths are experts in their field and provide fast and reliable service you can count on.

When Should You Rekey Your Locks?

Sometimes, rekeying should be done to ensure your home is secure. You don’t want someone else you don’t know holding a key to your home. It’s important to rekey your locks whenever:

  • You move into a new home
  • Your keys have been stolen or lost
  • Roommates or others have not returned their keys
  • You want to increase home security
  • You’ve remodeled or had contractors in your home
  • You want one-key convenience
  • Employees have left your company and still have keys
  • You’ve taken over a new location for your business

Whenever there’s any possibility of somebody not living in the home having a key, it’s a good idea to have your locks rekeyed. It’s dangerous to allow keys to float around and you never know who could get ahold of them. With our New York rekeying service, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

At Lockandtech, we provide plenty of experience with rekeying and we know Chicago. Our team of expert locksmiths can rekey just about any lock. We provide mobile technicians available 24/7 to handle all your rekeying and locksmith needs in New York. Call us today and schedule an appointment to have your locks rekeyed.

Less Expensive than Replacing Locks

If you’re looking for a more cost-efficient way to deny access to your home, rekeying may be the answer. Lock replacement is often more expensive and only necessary if you’re upgrading the lock or it’s in need of replacement. When you’re happy with the door lock you currently have, rekeying provides an easy way to keep others out and control who has a key to your home.

Our experts will make sure the job is done correctly the first time. We won’t leave your location until you’re fully satisfied with the job we have done. If you need locks rekeyed, call Lockandtech and let one of our experts provide you with better security.

Hinge repair and maintenance

Does your business or residential complex have a door that has issues with closing, snagging, detaching, or rubbing against it’s frame? These common issues are disruptive towards operations – but luckily, can easily be remedied by outfitting your door with continuous hinges. The expert locksmith technicians at Lockandtech can seamlessly install continuous hinges on your doors – a simple and cost effective method of lengthening the longevity of your door and doorframe, ensuring that they will perfectly operate for many years to come – and improving the ease of entering or exiting your establishment.

Our benefits

Our experts run against a door’s full length, allowing the weight of the door to be evenly distributed over the entire hinge, reducing wear and tear – and, in turn, extending the lifespan of your door and doorframe.

We offer major benefits to doors that experience heavy use – like those in building lobbies. Our team seamlessly installs continuous hinges on doors, first removing existing hardware from the door, taking the door of it’s frame, and detaching its existing hinges. Then, a continuous door hinge will be measured and mounted directly to the door – and the door will be carefully placed back in it’s frame, attached, and tested. If you are looking to improve the operation of your heavily used doors, Lockandtech excellent continuous hinge door installation service offers instant and convenient solutions – with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency, and all for a fair and competitive, budget-friendly rate.

No Matter Your Situation, You Can Count on Us

  • You’ve been locked out of your home
  • You can’t find your house keys
  • Your key broke off in the lock
  • You need a lock rekeyed
  • You need keys made for roommates
  • You want better security from new locks
  • Your door locks are not working properly
  • You need a lock replaced on a window, mailbox, garage or door

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