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Lock and Tech USA provides CCTV installation in New York and maintenance in both commercial and residential settings. We carry the top brands and the latest products. Our products and services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The systems we have are top-notch and provide high-quality visuals so you can have the clearest picture of what is going on around your property.

Choosing the perfect system for your needs can be difficult considering all of the options that are currently on the market. Lock and Tech USA is capable of putting together the perfect system for your security needs, no matter how complex they may be. Our partnerships with different manufacturers and security camera companies give us the ability to create a high-quality system for you, keeping your property safe and secure.

Black and white cameras on building

Digital Cameras

With the large number of CCTV camera systems to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which system works best for your business. At Lock and Tech USA, we take pride in being one of the top CCTV companies in New York, providing security camera installation for your company’s needs.

We are constantly asked about the best ways to keep your property safe and secure. This conversation always leads to which is more secure: an analog system or a digital system? Which provides better security while still being cost-effective?

Analog CCTV cameras record images into a digital recorder, which means that it has to go through a conversion process to be able to view the video. A DVR needs to be connected to a monitor to view or to a router to be able to view in an internal network with remote access. The issue here is that there are government regulations for the strength of analog signals.

Digital CCTV cameras record in a digital format, which means there’s no need for conversion on the backend. Digital data can be sent to a recorder set up on an existing network and can easily be accessed remotely.

Two digital security cameras on building

There are several benefits of using digital CCTV cameras

    • High Image Quality for Surveillance – Digital cameras offer a higher quality image, providing you a clearer picture than you would with an analog camera. The digital CCTV cameras we sell have a minimum of 1.3 megapixels. This is at least three times the resolution of even the highest quality analog cameras, which means you’d be able to see details that analog cameras can’t pick up.
      Fewer Wires – A CCTV system that is digital means that you don’t need to run cables all over the building. Everything is wireless. If you have a wireless internet connection, you can set up a digital CCTV system, since it would use that same network connect to not only allow you to monitor what’s going on remotely but allow you to set up a potentially unlimited number of cameras without running out of places to plug cameras into your DVR, making this ideal for home security camera installation.
      May not need batteries – If you have a PoE (Power over Ethernet) network, you won’t need to get separate power supplies for each camera, as you would be able to use your network to power your cameras.
      Secure and Reliable CCTV Transmission – Digital signals won’t be disrupted by other signals. Most digital CCTV systems are encrypted, making it difficult for anyone to hack into your system. A number of backups are installed to ensure that you get your recordings no matter what may happen.
      Better Coverage – Digital cameras can cover three times as much area as an analog camera. Usually, there’s also an option for the camera to zoom which means, you can get a closer look with the picture being less likely to be grainy. Both of these end up being cost-effective in the long run, because while digital cameras may cost more, you may need fewer cameras which can save you money.
      You can access remotely – You can have remote access to what your cameras are seeing anytime, anywhere. Let’s say you’re on vacation but want to check on your house. You can access your system from your phone and not only watch what’s on the camera, but move the camera if you want./ul>

      • Detailed Analytics – Digital cameras are capable of flagging unusual movement and sending alerts to the owner, keeping you in the loop on what’s going on.
      • Digital is the future – Analog CCTV systems are considered to be outdated. Digital CCTV systems grow more and more competitive on a number of fronts, including cost.

Analog Cameras

When updating your analog cameras to digital, there’s a number of things you should take into consideration. While digital cameras are getting more and more affordable, there are upsides and downsides to both that you should look at before deciding what is best for you.

Analog security camera

The Benefits of Using Analog Cameras

  • Cost – Analog cameras are still more affordable than digital cameras, which is a plus if you’re looking to expand on the number of cameras you currently have.
  • More options for installation – Since analog cameras have been around for so long and are easy to install, there may be more options for security camera installation companies to choose from.
  • They’re Simple – They’re easy to set up and run. Just convert the signal to a digital DVR and let it record.
  • The tech has improved – There are HD analog cameras out on the market now, some of which are four and five megapixels. However, when compared to digital cameras, you may still want to consider the digital route for picture quality.

Disadvantages of Using Analog Cameras

  • Image quality and frame rate – Not only do analog cameras not provide quite as sharp of a picture as a digital camera, but the lower frame rates they have also tend to make your video choppy and don’t handle motion blur that well. Digital cameras also offer the ability to digitally zoom with minimal graininess. For certain situations or areas, having the highest quality picture or the best frame rate isn’t necessary.
  • Less coverage – As previously mentioned, digital cameras are capable of covering up to three times the area that analog cameras are capable of.
  • All those cables – You need a cable for power along with a cable to run to your DVR. Digital cameras usually only need a cable for power due to their wireless capabilities.
  • Not encrypted – The signal is not encrypted which means that hackers can access your analog CCTV system and do what they want with it.

Box Style Cameras

These are the security cameras that you’re probably the most familiar with. This is a design that is still utilized in a lot of CCTV systems in New York today and what you probably think of when you hear the phrase, “surveillance camera installation”. These cameras do not come with a lens. Instead, you have a choice of a wide variety of lenses. These lenses also tend to be larger than a regular camera lens which lets in more light, making it easier to see what you’re looking at. These cameras can make quite the impression in an outdoor setting as these cameras are typically seen for use in “high security” situations. These cameras are also known for their diverse amount of versatility with mounts with a whole multitude of solutions being available for bayonet mounts.

The box style CCTV on pole

Box-style cameras feature a number of features that allow for great image quality. An auto-white balance (AWB) can help the cameras determine the true colors of the image by looking at what’s truly black and what’s truly white in an image. C Mount and CS-Mount lenses offer up a large number of possibilities when it comes to the type of lens you can use. CCD and CMOS sensors provide a high-quality image, with CMOS being the more modern, and higher quality image of the two. Our Box Style cameras also feature DNS and DNR technology to clean up the image, making your camera even more capable of catching the clearest picture possible.

Dome Cameras

There are two kinds of dome security cameras: Indoor dome security cameras and vandal-proof dome security cameras.

Indoor Dome Security Cameras

Sometimes you need a camera that is small and lightweight, where resistance to weather conditions is a non-factor. An indoor dome security camera would be the perfect solution for a situation like this these cameras are specifically designed for a situation like this.

Dome design CCTV camera on ceiling

Vandal Proof Dome Security Cameras

Afraid of your cameras being tampered with or vandalized? These cameras are resistant to being damaged or tampered with and are the perfect solution for protecting your property from vandals.

Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras

Some security cameras offer limited range of motion if any range of motion at all. Perhaps you want a camera that allows you to freely look around an area. You need a camera that can be adjusted quickly, change directions and zoom remotely, or maybe even a camera that can lock on something moving that shouldn’t be there.

This is why you may need a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera or a PTZ camera. These cameras have a motorized interior mount that allows the camera to spin, angle up and down, zoom in, and autofocus with a motorized variable lens.

Modern pan tilt and zoom CCTV

PTZ cameras can be controlled remotely, giving you ultimate control over what it sees. The most basic models can move left, right, up, and down while more advanced models allow for zooming in and out. Most PTZ cameras can be fitted to work with your DVR system, allowing control from the DVR itself, or remotely from your DVR’s client software

Bullet Style Security Cameras

You might know them as “cylinder cameras.” These cameras have a number of advantages. You can adjust and mount them easily, are weather-resistant, give space from its mounting surface, and are the perfect security cameras for a novice. When you need something versatile and easy to install, bullet cameras are the way to go.

Bullet cameras are weatherproof, self-contained cameras with built-in IR LEDs. They are great cameras when there is a low risk of vandalism, as they’re very easy to reposition.

License Plate Security Cameras

Cameras can be used to record license plates. This can be difficult as several factors can affect capturing this. Glare, high speeds, the angle the vehicle approaches, lighting, camera position, and distance can all affect the quality of the visual when it comes to capturing license plates. License plate cameras can be incredibly effective when installed properly.

License plate recognition security camera

While planning your license plate camera setup, we recommend consulting with us so we can help you achieve your optimal system. We recommend starting with a two-camera setup for this. One camera is designated as your overview camera. This can honestly be just about any kind of camera. We suggest using a standard box or bullet camera for this as this camera will only be capturing the action and not focusing on the license plate. This camera provides a wide view of the situation so you can see the color, model, and make of the car. The second camera will be your license plate camera, positioned in the perfect spot in order to capture the image of the license plate. This camera, ideally, is placed within 10 feet of the car’s license plate to ensure the accuracy of the image. The further outside of that 10 feet you move the camera, the less likely you are to capture the image you desire.

CCTV: Sales, Service, and Installation in New York

We offer the following products and services with our professional security camera installation:

  • Video Management Systems that utilize collaboration tools and seamless synchronization including access control and intrusion, allowing for greater situational awareness and enhanced operator productivity.
  • Network Video Recorders that use smart video streaming, predefined layouts, and alarms, and centralized licensing across flexible hardware options.
  • Advanced Video Analytics on edge-based cameras, servers, or in cloud devices allowing ease of forensic investigation and the ability to acquire valuable business data where it’s most appropriate.
  • IP Security Cameras that require advanced recording features and open platform integration.
  • Scale to the Cloud – Cloud storage integration for easy access to the critical video.
  • Integrate across portfolios – Create a custom video system for your needs.
  • Automate surveillance – Automate the surveillance process and gather info to improve security and respond to incidents.

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