Sound Masking

Block unnecessary sounds and users to communicate with your partners, employees, and customers clearly and securely

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When you have several employees on a call with customers at the same time in a loud, open office, maintaining a conversation can be difficult. Our office sound masking systems can be integrated into spaces where calls are abundant and privacy with callers is crucial. White noise emitters/speakers are installed throughout the space, allowing you to adjust sound output based on the surrounding environment.

Sound masking also minimizes environmental distractions and eavesdropping. This, in turn, can increase productivity in the workplace.

Employees can waste as much as 86 minutes per day due to noise distractions. Sound masking helps reduce noise distractions.

Open floor plans are the new normal. Sound masking helps make the modern office more productive.

60% of office workers cite the lack of speech privacy is their main driver of dissatisfaction. Sound masking helps protect speech privacy in open spaces and private spaces.

Many offices are awkwardly quiet, or uncomfortably loud. Sound masking helps create the perfect acoustical environment to make workers comfortable.

The benefits of Sound Masking solutions

  • Reduce the risk of data breaches by masking speech with white noise
  • Protect customer information from being overheard by reducing conversation intelligibility
  • Easily adhere to compliance requirements when customer information is protected
  • Boost employee focus when our sound masking devices cover background noise like doors opening, pens clicking, and more

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