Structured Cabling in New York

Structured Network Cabling Is the Foundation of a Successful Communications Network

Maximizing Your Data Room Using Structured Cabling

Another provisioned technology attribute which Lock and Tech USA provides from our vast portfolio of services is structured cabling in New York. Structured cabling serves as the vital foundation of a company’s communication system. We are aware and acknowledge that there are intricacies and complexities involved with the installation and maintenance of network communication systems so our technicians are qualified and equipped with expert level experience. Lock And Tech USA is committed to excellence and superb customer service with the structural implementation of the communication systems your company requires. We guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with our services because we procure systems that prepare you for now and into the future.

At Lock and Tech we are experienced at installing or re-organizing and maintaining your data room. Our skilled technicians will make suggestions to streamline your storage while maximizing your server capacity, always ensuring your network has well-performing security. We are experts at storage, data room cleanliness, and temperature requirements and will always be available for maintenance and repairs in the future.

Data/VoIP Cabling

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Data/VoIP cabling in New York ensures that all devices in your business network are hooked up to a single, central infrastructure. This increases the efficiency and data security of your network. At the same time, it allows an expanded ability to locate and fix any error in your network – if any should arise. Not only does your cable system become more aesthetically pleasing, it also reduces any risk for accidents, such as trips, falls, and electrical fires in the workplace.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Monitor your home from anywhere and anytime

Fiber optics greatly enhance your business’s ability to transmit data over your network. Unlike traditional copper wires, fiber optic cables offer greater bandwidths, faster data transmission speeds, and better signal strengths. Structured cabling with fiber optics can be advantageous for large businesses who transmit and process volumes of data – but that doesn’t mean smaller benefits can’t benefit from a high-speed data network powered by fiber optics.

Ethernet Cabling

No Wiring Solution

We offer structured cabling installation in New York, using Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables for businesses. Ethernet connections can do wonders for your business. At speeds reaching up to 10 Gbps, ethernet connections offer speeds over 10x faster than that of Wi-Fi. When properly set up, they are less prone to interference and latency issues.

Wireless Network Installation

Monitor and record video remotely with awesome IP network

Wireless networks have become the standard for businesses because of the convenience they offer. Using a system of a few routers strategically located around the office, you eliminate the need for countless cables just to connect to the network. We design and install wireless networks in New York to maximize your office space to optimize connections for everyone.

Installation, Design and Consulting

  • Installation of copper and fiber optic cable
  • Installation of air-blown fiber systems (eABF)
  • Installation of wiring racks, cabinets and patch panels
  • Manufacturer certified installers offering OEM-extended warranties
  • Cable certification and compliance testing
  • Project management services
  • Structured cabling system design
  • Preparation of structured cabling specifications
  • Development of bid specifications and RFP packages
  • Planning, budgeting and engineering review
  • Construction plan review for EIA/TIA standard compliance
  • Database development for cable management

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