Leedan Apartment Intercom Stations

LEE DAN is a family business that has been in the security industry since 1955. We have strict quality standards and won’t sell anything we don’t believe will meet those requirements, so when you buy from us there’s no need for doubts or worries about what could go wrong down the line! Our customer service team also stands by their products with long term guarantees on parts availability – if something does break during use of one among many other things offered here at Lock and Tech USA then simply give them a call because they’ll take care everything else as soon.

The economy panel with smart looks and LEE DAN craftsmanship is the best choice for any building.

Aluminum/Plastic Intercom Lobby Panels

Metal nameholders and LEE DAN® craftsmanship
make Style “E” the best economy panel around.

Standard Style “E”TM Features:

  • Extruded Aluminum
  • A.B.S. plastic speaker grille
  • Mylar cone weatherproof speaker
  • Permanently, custom engraved numberstrip
  • Metal nameholders
  • Self-wiping push buttons with positive screw terminals
  • Room for write-on name cards
  • Choice of finishes
  • Custom sizing available
  • ‘Scrulox’ tamper-proof access screws
  • Weatherstripping on smaller panels
  • Any number of buttons (2 or more)

“Style ETM” lobby panel: The intercom system should be a Lee Dan economy Style “E”TM series or approved equal. It’s construction of extruded aluminum and includes permanently engraved number strips for each apartment, so no need to worry about forgetting which one goes where! There are also push buttons on this type as well–they’re called self-wiping types with positive screw terminals (which means you don’t have any fears from contaminated fingers)! If your building doesn’t already have these features then we suggest adding them ASAP before someone else does because who knows how long it’ll take after installing ours until somebody decides otherwise?”

The speaker should be 3 inches in diameter and 1 watt with a mylar cone. Paper speakers are not acceptable, as they will break easily from moisture build up on the outside of your home or apartment building’s walls where you live . The intercom panel must include metal nameholders for tenant identification which can’t just have plastic ones either – it needs to be completely made out sturdy aluminum so that no part wears off after time passes by! The flooring in this area is a thin layer of plastic that can be easily replaced with adhesive backed panels. Screws should always go into pre-drilled holes, so you don’t need any special tools other than your hands!

The Lee Dan model IR-204E Apartment Stations are a sleek and stylish choice for your home. The white plastic exterior will blend in with any décor, while the push button controls provide easy access to all three functions: talk radio program selection; listening through headphones or speakerphone when there is no one else around who wants their turn talking (you know how some people can be); opening doors remotely so that friends don’t need keys! IR-204E apartments are built to meet the needs of those living in a multi-dwelling unit. The IR200 series has three different options for apartment stations: Suite Stations, dual control (talk/listen) and single door release buttons on each side near an entrance which can be used by people with impaired vision or mobility issues who need extra assistance during their daytoprevent any obstacles from happening automatically without fail!

The new Lee Dan model IR-204E Apartment Station is a space saving solution for apartments. This option of three* offers individual pushbutton controls that can be used to operate your talk functions as well as listen and release buttons on the door, all finished with high impact white ABS plastic! The pushbutton shall be self-wiping with positive screw terminals. Pigtail connections are not acceptable, and speaker must have a 3 inch plastic cone inside it that produces 1 watt of power at 45 ohms while having mylar complementary voice coils on both sides to handle high frequencies effectively without distortion or popping noises from occurring when excited by electricity passing through them which would indicate poor build quality so these types cannot really hurt anything if installed incorrectly but since we want people who work here doing their very best job possible there’s always some.

IR-444 Apartment Stations: These apartments come with a few extra features like the Lee Dan Model IR 442 or equivalent. The momentary action buttons are for TALK, LISTEN and DOOR operations as well as 5/16″ thick solid aluminum plungers which make them perfect to use in an emergency situation!
Mentioning that these stations have been permanently stamped LSTN means they’re easy enough even if you don’t know how it works because there’s no need explaining yourself all over again every time someone asks about your favorite passage(s). The following criteria must be met in order for the speaker to pass inspection: it should have a 3″ woofer, 1 watt of power output at 45 ohms with mylar cone speakers only! Paper-based cones are not allowed so if you’re using them your amp will look like an old man raving down some stairs towards his voice coming from above telling everyone what he’s singing about now that they know how much time has passed since their last meeting but there is no need because we’ll always see each other again soon.

This intercom amplifier is designed to operate with a Lee Dan model PK-543A or an approved equal. It will power the unit using either 16VAC/30VA transformer, which has been UL listed for safety purposes!


Heavy Extruded Aluminum Durable Intercom Lobby Panels

Standard Van-Guard Features

  • All metal construction
  • Heavy extruded aluminum
  • ‘Scrulox’ tamper-proof access screws
  • Integral Lexan® sheet alphabetical directory
  • Double metal speaker baffle
  • Mylar cone weatherproof loudspeaker
  • Flush or Surface mount
  • Custom sizing available
  • Custom engraved, solid aluminum ‘plungers’
  • Self-Wiping buttons on metal backplate
  • Any number of buttons (Multiples of 4)
  • Two (2) standard finishes
  • Optional outdoor Rain-Guard™ weather hood

“Van-Guard®” lobby panel: The perfect way to keep your doors safe from vandals! Made with heavy extruded aluminum and permanently engraved solid black anodized plungers, these panels are tough enough for any environment. Pushbuttons self wiping type push buttons offer positive screw terminals so there won’t ever be confusion about who’s opened which door–they’ll know immediately if it was them or not because both sides have “Private Property” stamped onto them in big letters that can’t lie. Mounted on a sub-plate behind the extruded aluminum module, push buttons will be activated by pressing down onto solid metal plungers.

The sound of a door opening and closing is always an exciting moment in any home. But it’s even more fun when you’re able to share that experience with someone else! If your speakers are too loud, then they’ll hurt not only their ears but also yours as well because there will be excess noise pollution everywhere inside the house- which means no one should ever want peace unless they have nothing left worth living for (or at least trying). To help solve this problem while still giving us all something nice under our roof. Speaker, pushbuttons and directory components shall all be field replaceable. Glued in place units are not acceptable as they can cause damage to the unit during replacement if force has been applied when installing/removing them from their mounting location(s). Mounting screws should use Lee Dan model SC-1 scrulox type screw drivers for best results which will allow you access any time without hassle or concern over losing parts!

The IR-104E Apartment Stations are the perfect choice for apartment dwellers. These stations come with individualized button controls that allow you to listen and release doors, among other things! There’s also an option of white plastic which makes it easy on your eyes when using these elevators in tight spaces like apartments full time. Pushbuttons that are self- wiping and come with positive screw terminals will be the only type of button accepted. They should also have a pigtail connection so you can easily replace them if necessary, which we recommend doing often since this kind doesn’t last forever like other parts might! The speaker needs to measure 2 inches diagonally across its face for optimal sound output; it shouldn’t matter what frequency range they’re aimed at because our company’s product line covers everything from low bass notes all way up high treble frequencies—in fact.

The input states that pushbuttons should be self-wiping with positive screw terminals and 2.5″, 45 Ohm speakers but it also says “Pushbutton shall have a tamper resistant cupScrulls.” What does this mean?
A: Pushbutons are designed so they wipe themselves after each use; there’s no need for you or anyone else to worry about dirtying their hands when handling them! Plus these guys come preprogrammed (MAP) which means all we need do at home base before putting out fires away from HQ is set our code frequency accordingly via radio waves–no manual programming necessary thanks again Scrulox. The following defines the requirements for pushbuttons: they must be self-wiping type with positive screw terminals and 2.5″, .3 watt speakers (45 ohm). The output voice should also sound professional, making use of Scrulox types screws which are tamper resistant when installing or replacing parts on your device.

Pushbuttons that are self-wiping with positive screw terminals and 2 inch loudspeakers work best. The speaker should have 45 ohms of impedance, 25 milliwatts output power (when unfettered) at 8OHMS rating or less forhireable wattage rating according to manufacturer specifications . Mounting screws must be tamper resistant meaning they cannot penetrate more than 0.1 inches into whatever surface you’re mounting onto without being screwed in place first; this includes wood panels as well! The button shall be self-wiping with positive screw terminals. The pigtail connections are not acceptable, and the speaker should have a 2″ woofer size to produce sound pressure levels higher than .3 watts per channel (45 ohms). Pushbuttons that can easily come out in case of emergency need replacement parts which may not always be available so make sure you gather all necessary information beforehand!

Intercom amplifiers should be powered by a Lee Dan model PS-30A pigtail transformer (16VAC/30VA), or approved equal which is UL listed.